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>These resources will help you wherever you're at on your fitness journey.

The top of the page is an instructional in how to lock down the most important part of getting FIT >> Conistency. This section is meant to take you from Level 0 - 1.

>>>Toward the bottom of the page you'll find our resource library with workouts/meal plans/productivity hacks/mental health and mindset resources/etc. If you're a beginner, you're hurting yourself by skipping the basics.

The resource library is meant to take you from Level 1 - 100+

This is a 3-part series on the BASICS of SUCCESS in Fitness The intention of this training is to help you lock down the foundational keys for success:

  1. Mindset!
  2. Personal Strategy!
  3. Accountability!

Video 1 - 3 are below... Please click the links to get access the videos and the training handouts:

>Click HERE to watch the training<

>Click HERE to get the Handout<

Your perception of yourself and your goals are the foundation of your fitness journey. Find a self-identity that aligns with your values, and stick to the steps it takes to reach it. It's easier to become someone that finds the work effortless....
than struggle against what "might not be for you."
I know how to keep it SMART!
I know what it FEELS like!
I know how to pattern INTERRUPT!
Put simply, this is how you build your road maps/plans. It's easier to be confident when you know where you're going. Throughout this training, we reference the protein guide.
You can click the link below to get access to that.
I know how to meet my nutrition needs!
I know make the time!
I know how to access the resources in order to BUILD YOUR PERSONAL MASTER PLAN(bottom of the page)!
Take on The Challenges:
Easy Mode: In the general chat, tell us about how your day went. Wins, Flops, and Opportunities.
Hard Mode: Share a win, a flop, and an opportunity for Diet, for Fitness, AND for your Mindset. Put these in #diet-discussion, #fitness-discussion, and General for Mindset. ___ Are you ready to dive into the accountability challenges? Head to #general and STATE YOUR CLAIM! Remember, personal motivation is finite. The support and accountability of your community is infinite.
We hope this has been helpful! @Moderator or head to the HELP channels if we can assist you!
The Vegan Fitness Database:
These are easy-to-access resource databases with loads of information on everything from meal ideas and workouts, to studies on plant-based health and fitness. If you have resources you think we should add, please let a @moderator know!