What nobody tells you about the ability to motivate yourself and your mental health!

What nobody tells you about the ability to motivate yourself and your mental health! (trigger warning: potentially offensive mental health takes)


First things first. >>Motivation is a skill.

We shouldn't have to say this in 2022, but the nutshell: You can get the seeds from books. You can get them from podcasts. You can get them from music or getting high or whatever you want.

Until you practice cultivating the APPLICATION of motivation, you don't have the skill.

This is a hard truth for a lot of 80% learner 20% doers.... and a big part of why they sometimes ultimately end up feeling like they're getting dusted by people more novice than they are.

So practice motivating. Flip the switch. Do the Do.

I think it's a safe tool to look at >procrastinating and >motivating as two sides of a scale.

HOW OFTEN and in HOW MUCH Minutes/Hours/Etc are you choosing to stay in a particular mode?

Doing or waiting?

Observe this. Shrinking the window between thinking about taking action and actually taking the action is what the SKILL of motivation really looks like. If you want some actionable steps on building your capacity for motivation, comment below and I'll write another post.

Now how does this have anything to do with how you feel about yourself and your reality? Everything.

Reading this, you're already classifying yourself as a doer, a procrastinator, or a not-sure-what-I'm-doing-but-still-doing-er.

But, you're already a doer someway/somehow. Maybe you can't figure out how to take the time to do mindset work or build a passion project, but you're showing up for your workplace or your family every day without fail. When it comes to self work....

A lot of people I meet have the experience, typically both that- A. there's no real time to dedicate to a self-work deep dive and B. when you do dive in, there's so fucking much there that you can really only acknowledge that "you'll never become a genuinely healed person."

The fact of the matter is however that you do know how to motivate, but for the most part you've not made the connection that the way you work on your mental health or your passion projects?

Is the exact same way you take your kid to school at the crack of dawn. You just do it. You take your thinking cap off, give it a good wash, and while it's drying practice not thinking. THINKING , in this context, is the space between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

Remember, data comes from doing. So whether that's finally getting consistent with shadow work journaling or making tiktoks with your singing bowls,

Something inside of you doesn't trust the process.

And how can you blame yourself? You've never been consistent enough in this particular area to see results. Remember, if you don't trust the process, you're not going to follow that process.

But the only thing that's going to build that trust is an uprfront investment of blind faith.

Take the time > TRY with a degree of consistency> see results and build that element of your identity.

Hard things become comfortable with practice. If you found this helpful give it a share and let me know what resonated with you!

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