This is the FASTEST way to beat depression

This is the fastest way to overcome depression

And I’m here to make it actionable, so if you’re looking for my philosophy on this stuff…. go watch my other videos. My comments are riddled with pick-me individuals who are sure this thing they haven’t tried won’t work for them, so before you join the ranks of people who are sure they’re destined for infinite suffering….

keep an open mind or walk away.

This works if you do the work.

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  1. Step one, acknowledge this is natural. You’re not a special case… you’ve just happened to experience a trajectory that’s led you to having depleted dopamine/seratonin/neuroepinephrin.

This is a chemical issue, and if you’re able to recognize that the fear and dred and shame are a result of your hormone levels…. you can accept that this isn’t really your fault.

But it is your obligation.

    2. The process to balancing your neurotransmitters(the chemicals we mentioned earlier) is a physical one. It’s not something you’re going to think your way out of.

The reason medication (can) work is because it’s supplying your brain with artificial chemicals, encouraging your body to produce new chemicals, or blocking chemicals that limit your positive/pleasure hormones.

Medication can be really effective, or completely destroy you for the same reason. We’re artificially engineering a process that we can do naturally. Which would work like this….

Look at Depression and Anxiety as two sides of a thermometer.

Excess energy without the tools to channel it turns into anxiety. It’s a very physical experience that ends up manifesting as high energy fear. Depression is a lack of energy manifesting as hoplessness/shame/etc.

But if we can raise this energy(without going overboard, which is why I advise doing things without medication or substances like caffeine FIRST), we’re going to see most of the symptoms slip away more or less as soon as we experience that increase of physical energy.

Woman with a big smile running outside in a field

Pick a few things you enjoy doing that raise your physical energy and write them down. There are no wrong answers here…. This is totally up to you. Conventional exercise… cold showers…. listening to hype music… all of these things can be fair game assuming you follow step 3.


   3. Create a routine and stick to it.

Doing an activity once and getting some mild benefit feels good, but if you’re not consistent it will lead you to chasing this shiny idea that there’s something “better” that you’re just not aware of.

If you’re depressed, you already don’t have the energy for this kind of chase….

So don’t do it. Aim for consistency. Build out a morning routine and an evening routine that you’re willing to practice, reflect on, then optimize to become better.

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