The THREE questions...

Journaling is an extremely powerful habit to adopt. 

Whatever area of life you're trying to make progress in.... the raw data that is your thoughts feelings and actions is all you need to reach the next level. 

Provided that you're able to competently analyze this information, there's literally nothing more powerful to have as a resource. 


Here are 3 simple questions you can ask yourself to start extrapolating your juicy personal data. 


I'll ask these questions in the context of an evening journaling session. 

1. What did I do well today?

Look back and reflect. Where were your wins? What are you grateful to yourself for? 

Leveraging this question at another point during the door might look like "What am I doing a great job of?" or perhaps "What am I grateful for right now?" 

The bottom line is you're reinforcing gratitude for your successes. You're recognizing your strengths.


2. What did I not do so well?

Keep it positive! Keep it constructive! The point is not at all to beat yourself up, but rather to point out the areas you're ready to see some increased progress in. 

Did you procrastinate a lot today? Maybe spent too much time arguing with Facebook trolls? 

That's ok! The point is just to acknowledge you're trying to make progress, which leads us to the final question.....


3. What will I do better tomorrow?

"What can I improve on in order to make progress?" 

"How can I do better next time I try to..."

Just some variations to get your mind ticking. But the point? 

We are focused on GROWTH.


In the next email, I'll give you some strategies for implementing these questions and really start seeing some internal results. 


For now, see if you can:

1. Designate a journal or space within your phone to take notes everyday.

2. Answer these questions each night before bed. 


Remember: Journaling is personal data. There is NO WRONG WAY to do this.... as long as you do it. Keep it simple. 


Talk to you soon :)

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