The Robert Dilts model for creating reality.

Robert Dilts' model for navigating reality is one that has especially peaked my interest as of lately. 

For most people, life is a series of experiences based in reaction. 

Our environment causes us to have to make decisions in order to ensure our perceived longevity. Our survival, fundamentally. 

Well we may have some degree of “dream” or overarching vision we have for our lives, time spent actually invested in this vision is… minimal. 

We probably aren’t taking time to visualize this ideal outcome, let alone map out the path to actually actualizing it(obviously this is an assumption accounting for 99% of humanity. If you’re interested in my content, you’re probably an exception ;). The Dilts Model turns this approach on it’s head. 

99% of humans START with their environment. Their environment dictates their behaviours. Their consistent behaviours dictate their perceived capabilities. These regular actions dictate their beliefs and principles, which form their perceived identity and assumption of “the way things are.” 

The Dilts model goes hand in hand with most spiritual philosophies of how reality is created. That is, that vision comes FIRST. 

And all things are created from there. 

Your vision determines your identity. In this perceived ideal reality of yours…. How do you fit in? What are you wearing? What is your physique like? What kind of people are you spending time with? What kinds of activities are you participating in on a regular basis? 

All of this is the compiles as your perceived identity. 

From here your values and beliefs are created. 

Say your vision is to become an Olympic level athlete, and win 10 gold medals. 

You are the athlete. This is your identity.

Your beliefs would be simply that…. You can do it. You can perform at the level of someone who is on par with the greatest athletes in the world. 

Below this would come the capabilities. You believe that you can perform at this level. Now it’s time to cultivate the capabilities in working out. In eating effectively. 

These things then become your behaviors… and your behaviors determine your environment. 

Hope this has been helpful! If you’re looking to learn how you can cultivate your reality in a way that’s congruent with your ideal vision, let me know! 

I’m happy to help you map out your path to victory.

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