Smoothies. The Easiest Way to WIN

I woke up this morning and realized the last recipe I posted was for cupcakes. 

I really like cupcakes.....

I mean as a vegan, delicious sweet treats that I can eat are RARE. Rarer still is when I'm willing to eat them..... I am not a huge fan of cramming sugar into my face simply because I don't like how it makes me feel. 

In case you're wondering.... it makes me feel like a slug. I hate that feeling. 


So lemme talk to you more about an idea than a recipe. 

Because there is a secret formula for consumables that are sweet, yet also make you feel GREAT. If any of you are familiar with the concept of "super-foods," this is the super food master formula.Image result for secret formula gif


The item in question is smoothies. A smoothie. The concept of smoothies. 

You see.... there are sugars that feel really good to eat. These are sugars that come from natural foods, especially fruits. 


You may have heard of the concept of juicing.... and that's essentially exactly what a smoothie is. Yes... those who preach juicing as the best way to change your life might disagree, but lets be real. That's only because I'm going to show you how your blender will be your new best friend, and you don't need a 200$ "juicer" to make this shit happen. 




Smoothies! How do you make them?


Step #1. Take out your blender. 

Here's a completely unnecessary video showing how I assemble mine. 

 (Deleted due to how incredibly pointless it was)


Step #2. Assemble your ingredients.

You need a good idea for consumable combinations. Here are some graphics I created of my all time favorite smoothie variants. 
(And I know. Mystery solved. I'm basic as hell.)

Banana blueberry strawberry chia seeds smoothiehoneydew almond smoothie

coconut mango smoothiegreen superfood smoothie


So far, I haven't accounted for things like measurements or necessary ingredients(oils, liquids, protein powders, etc.). 

I think these things are really up to you. The beauty of smoothies is you control the consistency. Do you like em chunky? Or maybe smooth like a baby's bottom? *Yikes.... I'll probably delete that* 

And what is it that you hope for this smoothie to accomplish? 

Do you want it to be a meal-in-a-cup? Or do you just want something that's going to keep you refreshed? 

The measurements and additions of other ingredients are where these goals take fruit-ition.

 Image result for wink gif 

Don't know what you want out of your smoothie? I recommend taking one of my combinations above... putting about 2 cups of whatever(nanas, mangoes, bluebs, WHATEVER) into the blender, adding one(1) cup of your favorite milk(unless it's from an animal... don't do that pls), and then a little bit-o-water. 

If it's struggling to blend, mix up the ingredients with a fork in-between blend cycles. If it seems a little thick, add some more liquid. 


See how you like it. If you start making smoothies on a regular basis, you'll learn how to tell what needs to be added and what would just taste pretty good thrown in the mix. 

I usually try and add more proteins, so nuts and protein powder. Again though, I recommend you get some good base combinations and try to understand what tastes good in it's base form. Adding extraneous ingredients is where you can really make a good thing shit, so tread carefully(protein powder especially. That stuff can easily ruin an otherwise delectable drink. 

I'd like to give you guys a few quick resources that I think will be helpful in embarking on your smoothie journey. I don't want to overwhelm you with exact smoothie recipe, as from what you've surely gathered, I think smoothies come from the soul. You're better off learning how to match flavors and find your smoothie soulmate, than copy someone else's idea and never develop true skill as an alchemist. 

Not that gathering recipes isn't cool now and then. My opinion shouldn't hold you back. 

Here's a list of good smoothie combinations from The Food Network. Just some basic ideas that might sound tasty to you! Image result for smile png


 I've also created this graphic that might be helpful to you on your smoothie journey!!

Smoothie making guide



It can be so simple my smooth brothers and sisters. 

Let it be.



Questions? Comments? Drop them below! 

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