Non-Vegans and the Plant Based Pulpit

Let me preface this by saying there is not a single piece of information out there you’re going to read that’s 100% true. Based on the fact that the universe is a chaotic jumble of things happening purely based on chance, we should never take things as just true or false. That’s for most science, but ESPECIALLY for opinion.

Now let’s get to the reason I dropped that little disclaimer: Vegan Bodybuilding articles.

Someone please explain to me how all these non-vegans…. Or even pretty-not-that-swole vegans are writing opinion columns on Vegan Bodybuilding with titles like “Definitive Guide to Vegan Bodybuilding”, that are so urchin-level ridiculous you’d have to be a non-vegan or a non-athlete to believe? They're trying to push that if you’re a vegan, there’s a whole other way in which you need to be working out. A whole other way in which you need to be counting your macros.

It’s painful to look at.

So please. Stop looking at them. In this article we’re going to go over why these people are so unqualified, how they're spreading damaging information, and what it is you need to know about Veganism/Bodybuilding in order to become bigger and stronger than a meat eater ever could.

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First and foremost, they all start out with the Protein Myth. If you’d like to get an in depth understanding of the protein myth, CLICK HERE.

We’ll put it in a  nutshell for you. Essentially, people will say that vegans can’t get enough protein. They say our sources of protein aren’t filling. "Most vegan protein sources aren’t complete." They say it’s far too difficult to obtain the right amount of protein, being that the bodybuilding recommended requirement is 1g per pound of bodyweight.

1st Myth.

 Our protein sources are plenty complete. Any form of embryo will be a complete protein source. That means beans, nuts, and seeds will all have the entirety protein needs to keep any organism strong and alive. That’s what their function is. Just like eggs, all embryonic organisms will be complete proteins in order to single handedly power an organism in the beginning stages of its life. We can get complete proteins with no difficulty.

2nd Myth.


It’s easy to get the right amount of protein. Anyone eating the “bodybuilding recommended” amount of protein is a victim of old methods, and will soon be a victim of kidney failure. If that doesn’t kill them, and they keep eating a small goat everyday, they’ll eventually die from cancer. Why? Because there is such a thing as too much protein.

Proteins are the building blocks of life. The average human needs about 30g of protein for regular body function. For bodybuilders, 80-120 grams will be more than enough. Consume too much and you’ll be seriously prone to developing structural overgrowth within your body. That’s cancer folks!

Learn from Dr. Mercola on the dangers of excessive protein intake.

So basically the myths are that we can’t do something unhealthy that everyone else can do and everyone else is doing. Well, we can. But we shouldn't. You need to be eating way more energy. That means carbs and fats that will translate into power. You need to be making sure you’re not over eating in the protein department. More protein does not equal more muscle. If there’s no room for muscle to be made, that protein is going to either build cancers or transfer into sugar and give you diabetes.

Seriously. This shit is not talked about enough.

So Can I Still Get Big As A Vegan?

Wha…. yes!!!! That’s the whole point dingus! Just like any lifestyle, it comes down to readiness to map out your goals. If you’re not ready to write this shit down, and scrupulously plan every step of the way toward god-more, you’re gunna remain beta no matter what you eat. The vegan with the plan will beat the carnivorous-steroid junkie. Vice versa is also true (except that guy is gunna die at 35)!

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How Do I Make A Plan?



  1. Make A Meal Plan.
  2. Make A Workout Plan.

And Stick to Both of Them!

Figure Out What You Like.

There’s a ton of food in this world. Once you realize you can combine shit to make more intricate, tastier shit, the possibilities become infinite. You’ll want to scour some blogs and books for recipes. Consider what you like. What do your friends like? What does your family like?  

The same goes for workouts. Do you hate doing lunges? Love adding supersets or drop sets? Customize it so you’ll ENJOY it.

Consider The Details.

What’s your schedule like? What’s the weather going to be like? We need to understand ourselves to understand what’s going to be tasty, and what's going to be a chore to choke down. Yes, meal prepping is important in the ways of reading macros to make gains, but it shouldn't be disgusting. Figure out what you want. What you’re going to want, and when you’ve got the time to cook and prepare your food!

Make The Schedule!

Follow the guidelines from the last paragraphs during this step as well. Don’t create a schedule that makes you feel worse at the end of the day. It should be a loose guideline. You’ve got a free 5 hours everyday after work before you plan to hit the sack? Ok. Gym time! A schedule should be made to help you reach goals, not feel worse about yourself!

So in a nutshell, don't listen to people who are not experts in the field you desire to learn more about. Am I the right person to listen to when it comes to building a rocket that will adequately get you to the moon? No. So should non-vegans be advising vegans on a plant based lifestyle? Nope.


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