It's Beyond Me....

She just doesn't KNOW?!? I mean this is pretty much the nutshell issue with the people in charge of every committee from transportation to NASA. They're not qualified to lead these organizations because they don't have a clue what the issues are, and what it is they would be tasked with in a functioning society in which our leadership has the integrity to focus on making our country a better place. The Environmental Adviser should be versed in this information. She is not. And she was picked because she is a corporate pawn, and will do her best to gut as much environmental protection clauses as she can, in order to further the corporate goals of her president.
-Identity politics became a war under Trump. Conservatives cannot stop looking in peoples pants. Identity politics is a thing because of you.
-Job growth numbers are BAD. They're not good. The last time we had growth numbers this pathetic was 7 years ago, and that was the worst they were under Obama. PLEASE to my Trump supporting friends... when I ask what good hes done STOP saying his job growth numbers are good.
-You can also cut the stock market lie. You're about to witness another great market crash in the next year. This will be a result of Trump raising the pressure on the middle class while subsequently giving bigger breaks to corporations. Ending many global trade partnerships is also putting stress on american companies to find ways into foreign markets that do not benefit our country and will infact cost us capital and jobs. Until this happens, spew all the fake news you'd like about how the economy is getting better on the surface, and I'll even sit there and let you say it. When the market crashes and Trumps wealth coddling cant fix it, I will not ever let you forget you vomited fake news the entire time.
There have been benefits only for Nazi sympathizers who believe we need more guns for mass murders, and more statues to commemorate traitors. Trump wants to sell the chickens from being in every american pot, to afford more private docks for the rich to purchase yachts.
The challenge still stands. One good thing. Just one itsy bitsy good thing!!!
You can do itπŸ˜€

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