What If I told you that achieving ANYTHING can be EASY rather than a STRUGGLE? 

As I'm building this training I'm doing next Sunday, I realize more and more how powerful this stuff can be when you really implement it.

I step back and look at where I was before I discovered my inner power. When I discovered this stuff 3 years ago....

-I was struggling to gain muscle. I was working out for hours 5-6 days a week, eating bland food constantly throughout the day in the name of GETTING PROTEIN. 

-I was struggling to launch a business. I was cold calling... mass emailing.... spending hours putting together free audits in the hopes that someone would find value in my service. 

-I was struggling to save a relationship with a woman I loved but didn't know how to coexist with. It completely fell apart... and after that I struggled to find my sense of self in the intimate relationships I encountered for a VERY long time. 

- I was struggling to figure out how to get my rampant depression under control. Meditation and mindfulness we're a concept I preached... but had no idea how to leverage. 

See the consistent phrase here? "I was struggling." 

Recently I was listening to an audio book in which the narrator explained "You can get there with struggle, or you can get there in a state of flow. If either way you're going to get there, which would you choose?" 

I realized that this is more than a fact. This is an IMPERATIVE point that needs to be shared. 

In the last few years, I've managed to create business success multiple times.... and it's just gotten easier and easier. I've managed to continue my fitness progress... doing literally 5x less exercise but getting MORE RESULTS. I've learned to find a wonderful sense of self love, which has actually made my relationships feel far more secure. While I still feel sad(I'm not a robot), I haven't had a depressive episode in recent memory... and my baseline feeling is consistently GOOD! 

I look back and realize... the easier it gets, the easier it gets. Rather than struggling to reach my goals, I'm flowing to them. 

On Sunday I'm going to go over 2 very specific strategies you can use to increase your capacity to enter "flow" and take control of your inner being. 

Sunday at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST. Comment "Let's go!" or send me a DM if you want in!



I've learned a huge amount about the concept of flow from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi(pronounced Mihai Chiksent-mihai). He wrote a book called "Flow," which has been an absolutely lifechanging book. You can get it HERE.

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