Fitness MUST be FUN

"But Zach! You don't even play soccer!"

"Zach! Didn't you once screw over your entire team playing world cup in 9th grade?"

"Aren't you utter trash at FIFA???"

I choose to acknowledge none of these comments.
Instead, I'd like to impress upon you fine folk the importance of switching it up. You see... I've recently realized that fitness is kinda pointless if you're not gunna have fun with your body. And that doesn't mean you need an active tinder profile.
There are plenty of ways to have FIT FUN.... Like playing sports you're terrible at😀👍 If fitness totally sucks for you... You're doing it wrong.


One of the primary mistakes I see people making when they try to get into fitness is they're perspective is one of hardship and struggle. 

Now this doesn't always have to be bad. Some people get that feeling of being really badass. Lifting weights... long runs listening to hardcore music.... whatever it is. 

If this makes you feel good, do it! Often times it's that energy that makes me feel really connected with my workouts. 

What I'm talking about is the perception that it's a drag. 

"Once I get the body I want, THEN I'll feel good." Remember my friends that it's both about the journey, and the destination. Not just one or the other. If you can feel good during the process.... if you can fill yourself with love and excitement just for the sheer reason that you're DOING IT.... you're going to be successful. 


Your body is your temple. YOURS. Have FUN!


(On a side note, fitness can actually contribute greatly to an increase in overall mood. Here's a short article that discusses this:

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