Fire your trainer!



🌱This week I talked with 2 different people who signed up for a personal trainer.... and then that trainer subsequently tells them they're not going to get very good results because they're vegan. 😕


"You're eating too many carbs, so you're going to get fat."


"You can't get enough protein if you don't eat meat."


If you're hearing these things.... FIRE THE TRAINER. The biggest obstacle between you and the physique of your dreams isn't a plant-based diet. IT'S AN IGNORANT TRAINER.


There is a plethora of science currently available to prove these points false. The trainer is using these things as excuses. They don't know what strategies to use to ACTUALLY get you results, so instead they blame their lack of ability on baseless claims.


Stay focused yall. Let's show the world we're STRONGER💪

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