Discipline vs Motivation

You’ve probably taken a crack at your dreams, and slammed face first into the concrete🥴

You’ve probably hit the gym in an attempt to lose that weight you want off. You’ve probably cleaned out your fridge and made a couple 100% successful grocery runs that really excited you about this journey you’re visualizing. 

You probably took a few actions to start that business you’ve always wanted to run. Watched a few hours of videos or even signed up for the website host and actually had a THING that represented success on some level. 

But here you are. Still not reading the benefits you wanted to reap. Still overweight and suffering on a daily basis in some way/shape/or form. Still not free of your 9-5… infact more than likely tied to it like it’s an anchor on the ship that just doesn’t feel like the adventure craft you want to be sailing on. 

I’ve been there. A million times I’ve been there. I’ve owned 6 business titles. 2 lost hundreds. One lost thousands. 

I entered highschool at 5ft 8in and less than 110lbs. At that time I was working out for at least an hour a day, but still looked fucking emaciated. 

But look at me now. 

3 ventures have worked out and given me enough freedom to travel whenever and wherever I want. 190lbs @7-9% body fat. And giving my clients the resources they need to do the same. And it had barely anything to do with motivation. 

Yes, it’s important to have a strong why… But YOU ALL have that. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you dream of something that fills your heart with life, you have what it takes. 

What got me here was a willingness to reprogram my subconscious mind. To analyse myself and my tendencies and recognize that at my weakest points… addicted to drugs. Addicted to toxic sex. Addicted to hiding in ecstasy similar to the rush of a plane charging toward the ground…

I was creating all of it. 

I’m doing a short training on subconscious mind reprogramming and how you can leverage your routines to formulate a mind that is wired to bring you success. Two short live webinars with Q+A afterwards. Want in? Comment “I need the KEYS!” below and I’ll make sure you’re registered. 

Your time is RIGHT NOW.

Go vegan. 

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