Autumn is a comin.... What're you muchin?🌽🍊

Autumn is a comin.... What're you muchin?🌽🍊

I been consuming a lot more potatoes recently. I remember reading an article about a guy who ate potatoes alone for two months, and maintained a perfectly healthy body. This may be old science, who knows. πŸ€”

The truth is that potatoes are packing with nutrients, including good quality carbs and a lot of protein. There's a lot you can do with them as well.
Simply, I diced the taters, cut up some mushrooms and tomatoes, and mixed it with some fried tofu marinated in dark bbq sauce.πŸ…πŸ„ This was a delicious combination to kiss summer goodbye. I'm gunna miss BBQ-type food.... but I'm ready for pie.

Here's a great recipe for vegan breakfast potatoes from Yummly. I would add vegan sausage... but you do you ;)Β

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