Stefanie Moir

From her website: 

 "I have been fit all my life. I swam competitively for 10 years before joining the gym. I started weight training in 2014 and fell in love with it, it was so fun, challenging and completely changed my body composition! 2 years into University I decided to start a YouTube channel to share my new found love for weight training and for veganism and this has just grown so much and i have been able to reach so many people across the world. I graduated University in 2015 with an Honours degree in Psychology and now focus all of my time and attention to my health and fitness lifestyle and to helping others reach their own health and fitness goals."

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Stephanie has been vegan for around 5 years, being meatless for 10 years. She knows that meat has a stigma surrounding it, as people believe it's impossible to be healthy and strong without it. She want's to use her platform to help eliminate that stigma!

We found Stephanie on Instagram. She's a gym shark athlete, so her social media presence is AWESOME. For those of you who do not know gym shark, it's a clothing brand with a modern-metal sort of vibe. Simple, yet so slick. We have no connections to gym shark, however you can still check them out @


You can check out Stephanie's website at

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