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It seems like every-time I get into a conversation about whether or not a vegan diet is healthy, skeptical meat eaters always seem to ask about one particular nutrient. B12 is a vitamin that is not always highly considered as far as diets are concerned. It is however, an essential vitamin. B12 is responsible for blood cell manufacturing. It is also responsible for the functioning of nerve cells, including the manufacturing of many structures in the nervous system. The area surrounding the axon in your nerve cells is called the myelin sheath. It is made up of a substance called myelin,...

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What are the effects of Marijuana on fitness? We’re going to really try and just focus on the fitness aspect here. Marijuana is controversial in a great many ways, as you surely know. On Capitol hill, the debate branches across the aisle. As some struggle to defend the placement of pot as a schedule one drug next to Heroine, others preach that it should be legalized for both recreational and medical use.I’ll be clear, based on science and personal experience, I firmly believe that the legalization of Marijuana is one of the best steps we can take as a society...

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