Our Schools Suck

Poor quality education is ingrained in our system. How else do you maintain such an imbalanced system of power? The minds of Americans have been corrupt and convinced that those who exhibit poor test results are simply stupid. "Those children are unfit to participate in a functional society."

It comes in the form of children who are extremely resistant to a system that is blind to their talents. It comes in the form of teachers who face more challenge in helping individuality blossom, rather than shuffling students through the production line. It comes in the form of a public education power structure so addicted to personal profit that it ignores the human souls that trust in it.

We WILL flip this malicious establishment on it's head. We as the public have sheepishly allowed our lives to be dictated by authorities that prove time and time again to care more about making money than empowering us as human beings. Revolution comes. The relentless optimists among you WILL NOT lose. We WILL take power back from the fearful and the greedy.

This is an inevitability. Until then, I will give your children the gospel of my own experience: education is not synonymous with school. Learn often. Learn passionately. Infinite information is at your fingertips. Fill your mind with your obsessions and fascinations. Without desire, nothing is retained. Desire, and feel yourself grow.

Finally.... skip school. Skip often. Skip shamelessly. Don't hinder your own growth by allowing the limits that others have imposed on themselves to be imposed on you.

“Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.” 
― Marcus Aurelius,


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